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MEDAN GmbH, a privately owned family business with innovative marketing strategies and extensive technical know-how. Founded in 1992, it has focused on the manufacture and marketing of linear actuators for the automation of simple and complex specialized work processes. Headquarters and production facility is the tradition-conscious town Bempflingen near to Reutlingen.


MEDAN is a professional in the field of pneumatic or electric linear technology. As a flexible and efficient company understands MEDAN the implementation of special requirements of its customers as a natural service and performs the tasks always reliable in terms of functionality, quality and delivery of - and at competitive prices. MEDAN-products makes the versatile and can be used worldwide.


Quality to MEDAN not only means fulfilling individual clients requests, but with a service that comprehensively exceed expectation. Also for special-purpose solutions, we guarantee a short delivery time.


As system developer and supplier, we analyse our clients needs and work as partner in one direction - LINEAR. We keep things moving linear!


You profit from our strength with in excess of 20 years of experience, a large range of products, high quality components, fast and innovative development processes, all based on professional competence with a wide structured know-how. Against the common trend within the German industrial landscape, MEDAN is comitted to Germany as its production

site, now and the future . The production of each cylinder is produced and controlled in house - carrying a "Made in Germany" seal of approval for your ultimate confidence.


Medan is characterised not only for high quality products but also consistently for its philosophy of the market, which is permanently extended and communicated intensively.


You benefit from MEDAN's service due to low overhead costs, short lead times and dependable delivery we are able to offer the optimum price-performance ratio. We maintain a customer focussed approach, thus we are a linear step ahead of the competition. Together we develop in drive technology industry, marketing products that have minimal downtime and cost, with the smallest maintenance expenses. We operate a continuous improvement program, developing existing and new products utilising proven components ensuring you get the best, most reliable product at the right price.